Why should you join newvista?

newvista is an online research community for Walnut Unlimited, a respected market research agency. As a leading polling company, with results published in the popular press, Walnut Unlimited will give you the opportunity to share your views on politics as well as contributing your experience of brands and all sorts of other topics. On newvista there will always be something interesting to join in with.

At newvista you will be rewarded for completing our surveys online. We operate a points based system, each time you complete a survey you will be credited with a number of points, 1 point = 1 pence and typically you would be rewarded with 100 points (£1) per survey.

We also enable you to participate in surveys for our partners with the same great rewards, so your points will quickly add up.

You will receive payment from us when you reach £50 worth of accumulated points.

As well as points awards, we also run monthly prize draws with two prizes of £250, which you will be automatically entered into whenever you are not able to complete a survey.

As well as online surveys, you will have opportunities to join online communities and discussions which will enable you to earn further rewards.

What our members are saying

newvista is one of my favourite survey sites, the £50 cheque is sent out automatically at the time of month specified. I would highly recommend newvista to anyone that enjoys filling in surveys that are always topical and interesting.
Tom, newvista member
I really enjoy taking part in Newvista Surveys. It makes me feel part of the 'world' to do surveys on any topic.
Pat, newvista member
I enjoy doing the surveys, and they are a good way of companies getting feedback on products and services so they improve in future.
Jennifer, newvista member
Thank you very much, great site, great surveys and a very nice £250 prize draw!
Steve, newvista member

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